Our Process

What we do

Here’s how we take you to a better, more secure, financial future

Pax Financial offers personal, tailored financial advice for all stages of your life, regardless of your circumstances, net worth or investment amounts. By focusing on your unique situation and goals, we can bring clarity to your financial life and protect your financial future.

If you’re not sure what your goals are, we’ll help you to identify them, from saving for a new home to organising your estate in the most tax-efficient way, from planning a comfortable retirement to investment and inheritance planning and everything in between. From there we can plan a clear road map to reaching those goals.

We’ll base your road map on our three-pillared approach because we know it works without over-complicating things. We believe your financial plan should fit you, not the other way around. So we set out to protect your income, then grow it and finally replace your income using cash flow modelling, which gives a complete view of your current financial situation and maps your future finances. This is how we develop your unique, personal road map.

We can then apply our specialist services on financial planning, wealth management and investment planning using that map and on to pensions, investment properties and other ways to replace your income when you retire.

Our 5-step process

Step one: Briefing

This is where we start to get to know you, your worries and your hopes. We’ll work out what you want to achieve, financially, what your current expenses are and set out your commitments and plans.

Step two: Analysis

Now we can start to build your personal financial plan with our research team and using the most advanced cash flow modelling technology to make sure that we maximise the benefits of your plan.

Step three: Presentation

Next, we’ll lay out the road map before you and explain everything and show you why we are making any specific recommendations.

Step four: Implementation

Once you are happy with your personal plan, the paperwork can be signed and we’ll set off on your journey together. After paperwork is signed, our team will take care of the activation of all policies and portfolios, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Step five: Review

As part of our ongoing service, we stay in contact with you, keep you up to date with ongoing market updates and webinars. We hold regular reviews to take onboard any changes in your lifestyle or financial circumstances to accordingly amend your plan.

We’re with you every step of the way from the very beginning right through when it’s time for you to retire and beyond.